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Yamaha Vmax Ride Ghost Rider

27 January 2011 by admin


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Latest News Modification Motorcycle Up Date aboutYamaha Vmax Ride Ghost Rider See Article Below :
Sibiu - Yamaha Vmax  Ride Ghost Rider For those of you fans still remember the movie Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage's main star. In the movie about the devil eradication of this crime, Johnny Blaze (Cage) is always riding a motorcycle. Previously, the figure Blaze riding Buell motorcycles modified with chopper style. Well, in this sequel to the film, he will have a new ride, Yamaha Vmax.

Leak was revealed when a procession of the image is being held in Sibiu, Romania. Cage was caught on camera with a film crew was inspecting the readiness of the Yamaha Vmax before the shooting.

Yamaha Vmax arguably the king of the streets as armed with a 1679 cc DOHC engine with liquid cooling V-4 is capable of producing power 175 hp at 9000 rpm. Torque reaches 153 Nm at 6600 rpm.

"frightening" is also increasingly support the role of the devil as the main character. Use of Vmax was involved in making packaging film lifted from the Marvel Comics story is becoming more modern.

The second Ghost Rider movie sequel will be released to the market on February 17, 2012 under the title Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Like what Nicholas Cage action on Vmax quell crime? We have to endure two more years!